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onesto Flight

Complete overview

onesto displays comparable flight results by combining all available sources: GDS, direct interfaces to airlines, WEB grabbing of low cost carriers and the new NDC standard and offers you the optimal booking possibility, according to your requirements. At a glance, you will see luggage information, cancellation and rebooking terms and conditions, all according to your travel policy, of course. The user will be guided through the booking, using an easy traffic light system.

Further Highlights

  • GDS, LCC and NDC via own interfaces
  • Travel agency booking: integrated offline process
  • One Way Pricer travel policy
  • Rail – Flight comparison
  • Flight reservation
  • Push notifications for changes
  • Simplified display of the fare terms and conditions
  • Multi airport search
  • Radius search
  • Travel with/without luggage
  • Support of Airplus / Amex
  • Supplementary data transmission
  • Miles administration and booking

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